The Scale of Love and Destruction


The Scale of Love and Destruction is a collection of nine songs.  They extend across a wide emotional axis, ranging from the uncomplicated seduction of Feather Fall, through the emotional ambiguity of If I Could Feel, all the way to the dark, dramatic, destructiveness of The Last Kiss.  Bittersweet, gothic, edgy and addicitve...


Six of the nine tracks are produced by Angela alone but she has also collaborated with dance/pop producer Will Ruben, alternative producer Luise London and R&B producer Dorriel Tulloch. 


The album's stunning and much praised artwork was created by graphic design artist Nadine Furer.


The Scale of Love and Destruction is available for synchronisation and to buy on Bandcamp NOW.



Praise for The Scale of Love and Destruction
"Insinuating rhythms, haunting, beautiful vocals - GOOD STUFF." Gerry Geddes, Producer, Director, Writer (New York)
"A very interesting singer... Portishead meets Kate Bush...  Angela does all her own production and I think that is particularly impressive.”  Stephen Duffy, The Jazz House, BBC Radio Scotland 
"Chilled pop with a touch of class." Review Rhino
"So theatrical and intriguing - I love it!" Joanna McGowan, singer/songwriter
"Your voice has so many layers: crystal clear and pure and almost lyrical sound in the high range. bright and heavy in the mid-range... Production perfect and interetsing lyrics topped up with am amazing charimsa and a captivating performance full of raw, real emotions which will transport you into Angela's world.  I strongly recommend the Love and Destruction album." Mbombo Mb, vocalist
Vanilla Love (One Step Remix)
Angela wrote a jazz/soul song called Vanilla Love which celebrated the fact that not everyone needs to be fixed or tweaked or changed - if your man is a good guy he should get credit for that!  House producer Priscilla Angelique worked her One Step Riddim magic and their collaboration is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon.

Back Into Life


Angela wrote this song to accompany a film that told the story of people who have used Brent Mind's Nucleus Mental Health Brokerage Service.  "An amazoing song and so touching.  Really reflects what it is to live with a mental health problem."  At their request the song was then released as a single and all proceeds go to support the work of Brent Mind.