Angela's broad musical influences mean she can write to brief in many styles and her exceptional interpersonal skills make it easy for her to collaborate creatively with other writers and artists, ranging form neo soul, R&B and jazz through to indie pop, dance music, electronica and musical theatre.


Collaborators include:

Aaron Carrington, vocalist/guitarist

Alex Mill, fimmaker

Dorriel Tulloch (bassist, vocalist, producer)

Hannah Rose Platt (singer/songwriter)

Joanna McGowan (singer/songwriter)

Jessica Sharman (songwriter)

Jimmy Hayward (songwriter/guitarist)

Kat Jones (vocalist)

Katarina Gunnerholm (singer/songwriter)

Lincon Black (vocalist)

Luise London (singer/songwriter/producer, Broken Forest)

Maria Ramdeen (vocalist)

Mentha (producer)

Mojo Wellington (pianist)

Olivia Otim (singer/songwriter)

Paul Usher (pianist/singer/songwriter)

Polly Money (singer/songwriter)

Priscilla Angelique (producer)

Will Ruben (producer)

Ziaflow (electronic artist)

Zoe Cooper (vocalist)


Corporate clients include the Sea Shephards Grindstop campaign and MIND.





"Angela Blacklaw... gave that special kick to the soundtrack of Let Me In.  I’m already thinking about future projects.”

Alex Mill, the CanDo production.  


“I have worked with Angela on several projects and was always happy with her passion, knowledge and talent in the field of creating music. She's extremely reliable, very professional and at the same time a fun creative individual to work with. BEST lyricist ever!” 

Ziaflow, electronica artist.

"It is not often I am lost for words but now is one of those moments. Hearing that song, with the fantastic instrumentals, brought up so many emotions. Really, wow."

Jay Sugar, Brent Mind.