Do you have a special occasion coming up?  A big birthday?  A wedding day?  Do you want to surprise someone with a unique gift?


Maybe you're a commercial organisation that wants to create a memorable advertising campaign?  Or a charity wants to raise funds through music?


Maybe you're a filmmaker who wants something that completely matches the mood and feel of your work?


Angela will spend time with you to understand who you are, what you need and to really listen to the stories and memories that illustrate your relationship, or the impact that your organisation or charity has on the world. 


Then sheand her team craft a bespoke song just for you.  You listen to it, make sure you love it and then it is recorded with skilled musicians, mixed and mastered so it’s yours to listen to and use for ever...





"Just to let you know the song was a massive hit. Not a dry eye in the room. Thank you so much for helping us give dad such a special present." "Dad’s played the song to everyone he’s met since Saturday. He’s really thrilled with it, and I heard him humming the tune this morning, so thanks again."


"It was so cool, our guests loved it and it clicked in the end that it is a song written for them! Angela was wonderfil from start to end, she immediately made us feel at ease.  I really liked the questions she asked, it made us both think about our relationship, why we are together, what we like about each other..."

Oksana and David


“We used it as I walked down the aisle at the civil wedding.  We were very happy with the finished song and it was nice to work together to get to the end product. We thought it was a lovely touch and something very different to have your own song.” 

Priya and Vishal

“I would totally recommend the service!   I loved the process and what I loved most is that we have our own song, that is just ours and nobody else! We could see how well you had listened to us!  Truly special and we are so pleased with the result.  felt it was a very special moment in the day and it made us smile knowing how unique that moment was.”  

Rebecca and Mark