"Such a great lyricist." Peter Cunnah, D:Ream.


An English/German hybrid brought up in Scotland, Angela was taught to play violin by her dance orchestra leader grandfather. However, at 17 she accidentally chopped the top off her ring finger and couldn‘t hold down a string any more. She went into theatre instead where she also sang, then - choosing to connect with people in a different way - she developed a respected professional career in personal development.  Inevitably she started performing again and became an accomplished multi-genre songwriter-producer-artist.  



"Beautifully crafted, original, distinctive and expressive." Paul Stanborough: record producer (Guy Chambers).


Angela's productions are reminiscent of Bjork, Portishead and Massive Attack, and the  haunting lyrics bring to mind Kate Bush, Imogen Heap and Stevie Nicks. She crafts her unique experimental sound with a chilled lounge vibe and floating vocals, undercut by effects that send shivers down your spine as do intriguing lyrics that reveal something darker.


She is currently working on her next two albums: an acoustic jazz collection and a neo-Soul project.



“Haunting yet soulful voice that will stand the hairs straight up on the back of your neck.” Plugged In Switched On Promotions.


Angela is a live performer in premier vocal group The Mike King Collective. the "new wave in choir music" whose energy, ruch harmonies and uplifting performances are making an impact on audiences in the UK.  


Angela has sung backing vocals for international artists such as Angelique Kidjo.  She has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, Barbican, Hippodrome, Luminaire, Regal Rooms and Bedford in Balham, and has sung in New York and Hungary and for the BBC. She has sung in funk/soul band Kaleidoscopic, jazz duo Deuxfuse and blues/jazz duo Silk Road, and also in the experimental show HUG by Verity Standen.


Angela teaches songwriting and music business at degree level at the Institite for Contemporary Music Performance in London, and uses her skills in a bespoke songwriting business, creating unique songs to celebrate special occasions.  She also conducts leading edge research into how Jung’s archetypes are manifested in contemporary songs.​


She is also a successful freelance consultant in learning, development and coaching, and is the Director of two companies.

“Angela is a valued member of my personal choir and one of the few individuals I chose to be part of the project.  Her commitment, vocal ability, warmth and positive energy were the core reasons in asking Angela to join.” Mike King



Feather Fall - Angela Blacklaw
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